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~Gene Gendlin

Image by Paul Skorupskas


What is Focusing?

This is a question that often comes with an interesting answer. To define focusing is to put into words what chocolate feels like as it is melting in your mouth or the way a cats fur slides through your fingers. Focusing is a way to be and listen to your own inner world. It’s a way of being deeply present with what wants to be known and come into relationship with that. It is a life skill where we can be with something unclear and give it the space it needs to become more clear.

Why Should I Focus?

Because focusing is a skill you can use in so many situations, why wouldn’t you want to know how to do it? If you were handed a magic wand would you just through it away or learn how to use it?

When we learn this skill it can be used in everyday life, difficult situations, focusing sessions, making decisions, and so much more. It can be a tool to help ground you, feel into the body, become a better listener, and become able to feel.


What happens in a session?

In a focusing session we always take some time to settle first. We then notice what is there for us right now. Taking time not to judge or analyse. We are allowing things to come up that want to be known right now.

As we continue to go along the 6 loose steps we accompany all the little somethings that arise and be with them. In this way we are being with our own experience that can enable change and forward movement.

Focusing can be done alone, in pairs or groups.


Who or What is focusing for?

Anyone who wants change in their life

When life feels stuck

Wanting help with a decision

Dealing with daily life

Opening up creativity

Feeling into a situation


What are the benefits of focusing?

Helps support us to be with our wholeness

Deepens our understanding of others and ourselves

Helps us to feel grounded and centred

Helps us to have a kinder way with our inner life

Builds trust in own feelings and senses

We learn to be better listeners

Learn ways to manage self-judgement and criticism

Sky is a certified Focusing Practitioner through the BFA.
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